"I have the urge to create catalogs, maps, textures of everything I see. I have the impulse of fitting

everything in a drawing. I am intrigued by density in all of its forms. Our body is created through the

density of cells, every object is possible through the concentration of billions of atoms, a flower field

is beautiful due to the dense texture of blossoms, a black line is nothing but an infinity of points,

densely arranged next to each other.


A line is for me the most elementary element of expression. In its root, it is a symbol of infinity.

This infinity is the most elementary mean of human expression. Nothing human can exist without the

straight line. It is our quest for perfection that made us create the concept of a straight line.

A letter, number, drawing can`t exist without it... no symbol, no visual representation. 


A perfectly straight line does not exist in nature. Even the horizon line that divides the sea from the

sky is an optical illusion for the human line, as in reality this line is curved on the shape of the globe.

We, humans, “invented” the straight line. It is an abstraction of an ideal. With the use of lines,

everything can be brought to an essential. The whole Christian Religion can be reduced to the pure symbol

of two lines intersected in a perfect, straight angle that we call a cross.We need a zig-zagged line to

visualize the beating of our heart. "   (Alina Sonea, 2017)