*2018 May

I got to illustrate the most amazing love story of a Chinese couple that had to travel half of the world in order to meet.


This is their love story, visualized through architecture.


The drawing describes their journey through the world, their origins and the places they have visited, the architectural objects in which they celebrated their wedding, and which awaken memories that they have created together.  


*2018 May

The new Illustrations for the Denkraum Scientific Magazine are ready for print. 

Thank you Uni Liechtenstein and Inga van Gessel for your faith in me


*2018 April

Coming soon....

Can you imagine having a painting that you can eat?

Soon there will be one, with my drawing of the City of Feldkirch...

I am currently working on this project of a chocolate together with the chocolaterie zartbitter in Feldkirch...


*2018 April

Gregor`s new Surfboard is ready to be riden!

Thank you Greg for the beautiful commission!


*2018 February

*2018 January

Featured in ARCHDAILY, the world`s most visited architecture webseite


*2017 December


Interested in being part of the biggest Artwork ever made? Stay tooned.....

Or write to me at: mail@alinasonea.com

Each Lifeline is unique... our very own Fingerprint on the map of the World...

Here`s a part of mine:


*2017 December

Alina`s Christmas Postcard is ready. Would you like to have one?

Write to me at: mail@alinasonea.com

*2017 December

The Christmas Postcard for AIX Architects it ready! 

It will be sent to over 150 happy clients and firms that had a word to say in the development of our Projects.



Thank you for your trust! 

*2017 November

The new Denkraum Scientific Magazine was just published. 


I am proud to be part of this great team and am grateful for these two wonderful articles that

they asked me to illustrate. 

*2017 October

Working on a new serie, representing the world that we can`t see with our bear eyes.

Can  you guess which Virus is personified in this (yet unfinished) drawing? 

*2017 September

Cooking on something new..

currently investing all my energies in expressing the love and amazement

that I feel for the city that I live in:

Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, Austria 

*2017 June

Got an interesting commission:

to illustrate a friend`s surfboard. 

Thank you Gregor for the exciting Job! 

I wish you lots of fun riding it! 

*2017, June

New work published in the "Denkraum" scientific Magazine, Liechtenstein.

Check out the Illustration on page 8 here:



*2017, YIA ART FAIR #10

Basel, June 15-18

The international contemporary art fair YIA ART FAIR #10 presents ist annual Meeting Point for gallerists and art collectors at the Basel Art Center, only 10 min from Art Basel on the way to the Liste.

Founded in 2010 in Paris, the YIA ART FAIR has established itself as a must-see for contemporary creation by affirming ist will to bring a Vision to international art. 

Download Press Release HERE

*2016, 9th of September

The new single of the very talented Austrian Band Schmieds Puls gets released on September 9th.

I had the honor of drawing their EP Cover. 

Thank you MIRA LU KOVACS for the wonderful opportunity!

*2016, November

New works for the "Denkraum" scientific Magazine were published. 

Check out the cover of this month´s edition

an the History of Design Illustration on page 10!

*2016, March

The new Issue of "Denkraum" scientific Magazine were published is out!


*2016, March

I started to produce a line of clothing together with VIDA

check it out here:


*2016, November

The new issue of the "Denkraum" scientific Magazine is out!

Check it out here:



*2015, March

Became the main illustrating Artist for the "Denkraum" scientific magazine

*2014, December

A short film Experiment, presenting a visit at the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale

*2010 "Imagine"

A short film experiment